Was Gaultier right for his Spring 2012 homage to Amy Winehouse?

The fashion world, still reeling from John Galliano’s being found gulity of making racists remarks in Paris,  is torn again with yet another designer’s venture into bad form. French Designer, Jean Paul Gaultier’s  Spring 2012 couture showing was a tribute to the late Amy Winehouse.

On the surface Gaultier’s ”so called” tribute seemed harmless and even thoughtful. Lovely models of all races paraded down the runway in heavy black eyeliner, beehive updos and matte lipstick.

But in reality…Gaultier never met Amy Winehouse nor her family. They were NOT given the opportunity to preview the designs nor were they asked their blessing for the show.  They found out about the show when they saw the pictures in The Sun…


Her father was quoted as saying 

We’re proud of her influence on fashion but find black veils on models, smoking cigarettes with a barbershop quartet singing her music in bad taste.

As a former fashion designer and current fashion critic, I am appalled that Gaultier would have a show  seemingly “in honor”  of Amy without inviting her family into the process.  It is selfish at best and seemingly mercenary, since the goal of the fashion show is to eventually sell the line. 

Now the couture line itself is what you would expect from Gaultier…full of lace and boning and exquisite detail. I could have done without the cigarettes hanging from some of the models but as a whole, I love the collection aside from the social ramifications. 

I can only hope that Gaultier and his PR team is working on a massive apology for the family and promises to donate the profits to a foundation in Amy Winehouse’s name. 

~Alicia Style


(Source: The Huffington Post)